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  it's been a few days since the reading, and i am still processing through all the guidance i received. You can put the akashic records in the palm of your hand with the akashic tarot.   you are protecting the direct communication between you and the ascended master(s) who is(are) reading your akashic record answers for you.  providing truth, information and support is the role of the akashic records. First let me begin by expressing my great appreciation for your incredible, life changing gift of an akashic reading today. This page explains some aspects of this earth space and the ‘spiritual’ cycles we go through and how the akashic records have gone from presenting accurate histories of ourselves to becoming quite corrupted. Find answers in an akashic records reading. He was known as "the sleeping prophet" because his method of accessing the records was to put himself into a sleep state that allowed him to shift his consciousness and access the akasha. To enjoy four sessions + coaching together tap here to find a time to connect for your first reading. Opening our records on different time lines in the past and future. Note 1 i usually start off with asking your soul if i have the permission to clear your records. How do we access the records. The akashic records is the world wide web of the spirit world. I will write down the answers that i will give to you and you can read after several time to see if there are some extra meanings. See yourself in a record room with files or books. An old man would come to greet him and direct him to the information about the person for whom he was giving the reading. What is an akashic records reading. Akashic records reading is right for you. Description : the akashic records, or "the book of life," can be equated to the universe's super-computer system. When your sacred records are opened karma and energetic patterns that hold you back can be cleared.   the akashic records are sacred, but they have practical use as well. Most often, when giving a reading. I will share with you 15 minutes of specific audio instructions where you’ll receive the sacred ancient techniques that you’ll need to enter your akashic records, along with a 30 minute guided meditation audio journey that will take you directly to accessing your akashic record. All my readings are done via telephone. The akashic records are a library that holds the thoughts, emotions, experiences of everything on the planet from the beginning of time.  then i received an akashic reading which led to one on one student sessions. Once there, you will work with your masters, teachers, and loved ones to cultivate a rich relationship with the records and ultimately learn to unleash your highest potential. The akashic records can be used to find out just about anything we want. "the immortal truth" is the first book that includes all of the revelations of the records in one work -- across party lines, one might say. 2 high level questions for the lords of the records. In fact, i could tell when the records were opened–i could feel an energetic shift which felt like an ‘opening’ in my head. The concept of the akashic records has been referred to in every spiritual tradition on the planet. The individual akashic records of each being are recorded in our dna. There are various ways of accessing the energy of the akashic records like trance channelling, meditations, sacred prayers, breathing techniques etc. When records are viewed and interpreted, they are seen as a type of in-astral mind's-eye vision experience, with overlays of emotional and intuitive impressions.  if needed, i can assist you to prepare the questions you may consider to ask when we access your akashic records. The depth of her connection with the akashic records will activate deep personal growth within you. There are various levels and kinds of akashic records created in order to be able to categorize and file such records.   your personal akashic records contain every piece of information regarding your soul’s experience.  a comprehensive set of pages this time giving details about the akashic records also known by some as the secret hall of records, the mind of god and the social memory complex to name just some variations. While it is true that the akashic records can draw people (or groups of people) together, it can also make people. Information about the akashic records can be found in folklore, in myth, and throughout the old and new testaments. If you want to access your records, it is ok if you don't know how to do it. On the other hand, michael reading chart information, which is based on an akashic records reading, is usually clear because it consists of specific choices made by a person’s essence. Akashic is sanskrit for ‘’primary substance’’. For example, our physical body has an akashic record of all that it has experienced; that record will ultimately be distilled and integrated into the akashic plane. This reading is intended as a complement to traditional medical care and results are based on many individual factors. Experience receiving and decoding messages from your records. It comes from our interest in the records, and our desire to work in the space that is created when the records are open. "how to read the akashic records",. Because i liked opening my own akashic records so much, i was attracted to studying further. This raises the energetic vibration and allows me to access your akashic record. They offer many types of healing, intuitive readings, and classes that i'd love to check out. The akashic record can be summed up as any thoughts which has been previously thought in the history of this universe or any universe. Specifically, unlocking the secrets to your akashic records reveals the following:.   this reading had me going back to the buffet and grabbing things i had never tried. The akashic records is much talked about in the bible you will read that “it is written in the book of records”. Through questions, specific focus is revealed in the vast akashic field. Based on an individual’s responses in the past, the akashic seer/reader can investigate probable future responses and give the highest future probability. This reading involves a 21-day clearing prayer work and the expectation is that you are able to commit to completing this after our session. There are a lot of ways that they do this, but you'll need to be the real side of you when you consult an akashic record consultant. An akashic records reading is designed to help you grow as a soul. Generally an akashic record reading last about an hour. Writing as well as i'd like to; however, when i read kevin. Those who go questioning in the records will ideally know about:. Due to this close work with the records, archangel metatron can also help you to gain access to the records of your soul, and to that which will serve you on your journey now. How to access your akashic records. Other individuals who claim to have consciously used the akashic records include: charles webster leadbeater, annie besant, alice bailey, samael aun weor, william lilly, manly p. It is best to give yourself about an hour after your reading to rest, integrate, to spend time in nature; whatever helps you simply be with the information shared by your record keepers. I have heard from others and read on blog sites that questions about the future are also prohibited, but this has not stopped me from asking my mtlos what i can expect from time to time. ” they believed that any clairvoyant could see – or read – the akashic records. According to bauval's research, egyptian antiquities granted an american team a license to search for the hall of records under the sphinx. Before shelly’s reading of my akashic record, i considered myself a highly functioning crazy person. Through my work as both a teacher and a reader of the records, i have learned that most of the people attracted to the pathway prayer process have had experiences with the energy of the akashic records at some earlier time. I read the first few chapters of how to read the akashic records and then rapidly put the book down, because i could feel energy moving over me and i didn’t like it. Use the wisdom in your own akashic record to deprogram yourself out of fear and control and reprogram yourself into love. Everything has a record of it's existence in the akashic records. The reading was insightful, detailed, inspiring and lots of fun. These records contain all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos. Heart of each crystal in the greater akashic field of the recorder cell. The akashic records will rarely tell you what to do -- instead, they give you all the information you need to make the appropriate choices to create your future. An  akashic consultation is not about prediction, and is energetically different than engaging with the psychic realm. The moment i saw your youtube video with leija, i said to myself ‘that’s whom i would like to have read/know my akashic records. Although the "akashic records" are available. And because the records are also a dimension of consciousness, they are available anytime and everywhere", linda howe. The records contain all past, present, and future possibilities; and are an experiential body of knowledge and compassion. “i don’t know how you do it but your readings always make me feel so much better and bring me more clarity. I feel so at peace with our reading. They are a permanent record of every thought, perception, and event that has ever occurred, like a huge and infinitely detailed history book, where past events can be accessed, viewed, and even experienced firsthand. Us the records of the entity now known or called. Free reading - wave #5 (5-8-17 ~ closed for new requests) started - free akashic records readings - love & light. You will receive a comprehensive description of your ‘soul record’ information and your soul gifts and how it applies to your career. In that telling, you will be asked questions to clarify and then your questions will be asked in the records.   everyone can access information from the akashic records at any time, and indeed we do. Vibrations that make up akashic records are the energy of love and that is why knowledge comprised by akashic records are imprinted upon an absolutely subtle substance known as akasha, which is understood as energy of love that creates and permeates all the things present in our universe. It has provided so much insight and understanding in my life that i haven't experienced before in any other reading. Library is known as the "soul records" and is not accessible by you or. It is said that the akashic records are a library where the memory of our soul is kept. From this point onward, edgar cayce states in the physical plane (or in our reality) that he now has the records of the person and begins an enlightened psychic reading using the information that he is able to glean from the akashic records. Find out what people think of their readings by going to the reviews page of this site. Akashic records readings & past life regression; intuitive tarot readings & courses. As such, the records can help you obtain a much deeper understanding of your life. Guardians of the akashic records. I perform akashic records readings for people who are dealing with all sorts of issues.

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She often seeks the help of an akashic records consultant, alison king, to flesh out the thoughts of her characters and to view “original events” where the written historical records are absent or sparse. I then discovered the akashic records and booked a reading for myself. In the world of new age, there is a commonly known place called the akashic records, but even though many have heard of it, not all know just what the akashic records are. Each person is special and unique, and my life becomes richer with each reading that i do. What i’m trying to say is: everything in this reading ether pointed me in a slightly different direction than i was anticipating, or provided me with new information that shed light on experiences that i did not know how to classify or understand. Why have an akashic records reading. Julie’s red car sported a bumpersticker that read bipolarhappens. If you’d like to have your akashic records opened by either paul or holly, click on this link…and be sure to let them know i sent you. Akashic records readings are not like  'psychic' or 'clairvoyant' readings. If you found this blog post on the internet, you may be interested in learning how to read your own akashic records. Once i learned to open my own records, i found it similar to another experience i was familiar with. An akashic records reading consists of opening the records of the soul and asking that the information be given. “prior to having an akashic reading from marijo puleo in the last few years i had received 5 previous readings from a different source. Healing past lives through the akashic records – find out how you can heal pesky issues that my not have originated within this lifetime. You will receive a comprehensive description of your ‘soul record’ information. Bringing balance to the auric field of our bodies on all levels to prepare us for the start of the akashic journey. The term "akashic records" was first used by theosophists in the 1800s. Known as the book of life in the fields of metaphysics, spirituality and religion, the akashic records hold the history of the entire universe and every soul that ever lived. What is really happening when you do this truth-telling in the space of your akashic records is that you begin to heal. Built on the platform of hypnotic influence, this empowering eight module learning system will reveal: the four akashic disciplines here ill show you the four spiritual and empowering disciplines that will enable you to reach the state of consciousness needed to access the akashic records effectively. For now, i’m just practicing meditating in the records every few days. The person doing the reading is called the reader or witness. If you’re simply interested in reading your own akashic records for the time being and feel stuck or unsure…then you may also find this short coaching course useful. Or centuries, the akashic record has been the exclusive domain of mystics, scholars and saints.   working and healing in your akashic records is the deepest level of soul-level healing available to you. The reading begins with a sacred prayer that allows me to access your personal akashic records. Deep meditation can help you access the akashic records. Rates for akashic records readings. Recordings are in mp3 format and will be sent to you via email or cd. What are akashic records readings. Readings are accomplished by the reader relaxing and moving into a meditative-type state (the subconscious mind). Akashic record training, workshops, readings, consultations – more details. The easiest way to access the "akashic. During the session, you must hold the phone in your hand or use a headset if you want the recording to be clear. The akashic records are a library in the fifth dimension that holds the thoughts, emotions, experiences of everything on the planet from the beginning of time. The purpose of the reading is to expand your knowledge about yourself as a spiritual being, and also the healing of past memories. It brings you so much more than just a way to enter your records.                suggested reading for the akashic records. Although similar to accessing and working in your personal records, working with a client adds their energy to the process and you will learn to avoid mixing your energies eliminating the concern that you are simply sharing your own thoughts rather than what the record’s wisdom. She is experienced and combines modalities including hypnotherapy, family constellations, akashic readings, yoga, energy and vibrational healing. Though the lords of the records and the akashic masters are nonphysical beings, some of the teachers and all of the loved ones have existed as humans on earth. , medical, law), there are said to exist various akashic records (e. So in this article, i am going to give some tips and principles that can help you to read and access this valuable source of information. You access it when your soul ends out a unique “signature” frequency that will feel like you, and the data from this is always being transmitted to and collected in your personal file in the akashic records. The records hold information from all of your past, present and even future lives (see video), and are there to access at any time. In an akashic records reading, i channel information from your records in response to questions you ask. Each person is held to account after life and ‘confronted’ with their personal akashic record of what they have or not done in life in a karmic sense.

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This is our direct access point to the akashic records. And in my own record, is there some way i’m unconsciously thwarting my own success. These records connect us to each other he often said. Nickname in their everyday life in order to connect with their personal akashic records. Discover yourself - akashic records reading. Then join lorraine meyer, the standard’s reiki master and akashic records teacher, as she leads the akashic records reading workshop. Make a list of questions to ask in your reading. Grounded with the success stories of dozens whose lives have been touched by the records, this comprehensive guidebook will help you confidently read the records for yourself - or another - and find inspiration for your own spiritual path. In addition to opening the records ourselves, we can find great clarity through an akashic record reading. You are allowed to tap into the akashic records for yourself, for someone who you've gained explicit permission to access their records, for public locations, public businesses, private residences that are listed for sale (thus making them temporarily public) and anything in nature. Akashic records 101: reading your akashic records starts your journey of self-discovery. The akashic record reading reawakens your memory. In modern day, the term akashic records is used to describe this spiritual place and is most often associated with the great works of edgar cayce. How do you know if an akashic records reading is right for you. Thus we have the greater and lesser fields of the akashic. Anything that is keeping your inner light from shining: as they show us relevant past life information and how it informs our current patterns, the records help us break down the walls keeping the core of our being at bay. Q: can you have a long-distance reading. While it’s true that our psychic/intuitive abilities are active while accessing the records there is a distinguishable difference between receiving information on a psychic and intuitive level versus receiving from the akashic records. Testimonials ~  these are what some folks said about their experience with the akashic readings:.   a reading consists of having someone who has experience and expertise in working with the akashic records open your records so that you can receive information from them. Akashic records readers specialize in talking about soul purpose, while psychics usually talk about love and career, departed loved ones and family issues, and making soulful choices for their life. Or if during the reading you decide to carry on beyond the allocated time, we can accommodate for that too. Akashic record readings with shelly. Such shared information is called the akashic records. Explore you akashic records level 1: one day workshop seminar. The records will take you through a customized activation of heart integration and prayer of forgiveness, plus any additional special processes as required. The records are yours and the information is for your souls benefit, not mine. That requires me to read your records which makes it a session. Meditate with a guided imagery program specifically meant for exploring the akashic records (see resources for detailed steps). To the nature of records, and how they are recorded, and the. ‘yolandi read my akashic records for me, the reading was amazing and incredibly detailed. In this class you will learn to become a channel for divine energy and guidance through the akashic records. For an individual, the akashic record for a human lifetime incarnation could have the following information stored in it:. Akashic reading: accessing the divine intelligence. • gain awareness and insights on any destructive pattern about the records. Every person can access their very own records. You had scrutinized my every action, all were recorded in your book, my days listed and determined, even. Reading or listening to these books will greatly enhance your experience of getting a reading yourself. With the turn of a card, you can enter the akashic world. Your reading is based on the questions you ask and the issues you bring up. What is akashic record reading. Like the astral hospital, the akashic records are an energetic. Please note that not all of these findings may show up in the first reading.   since i need to have information on more than one person i will need the following information in order to access your record and begin the reading: name at birth, present name, date of birth and place of birth (city, state, country).   traditionally, the akashic record can be considered to be a library, where an individual’s records are considered to be a book within the library. Control over the akashic records. How does a full akashic record reading work.

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-a record of a planet as a sentient being (thoughts, feelings, etc). Akashic records gives one soul level information that helps the. I do teach how to read the.   our personal history, everything that we have ever experienced (including right now) and future possibilities are recorded in our akashic records.  thus, at this level of understanding, the records hold the archive of each soul as it has existed from lifetime to lifetime, as different human beings on the earth plane, while evolving throughout time and space. The akashic records in the eighth chakra. "your reading solidified and clarified a lot of input from myself and others received over the past year. Depending on my waiting list, i will get you a reading back in the same week in which you send me everything i need. While you may certainly access your own records, there are those who may help you to do so if you wish to receive assistance. Skeptics say that the concept of akashic records has been attributed indiscriminately and inappropriately to a wide range of historical religious figures and movements. The akashic records appear to you as a literal record of things exactly as they occurred that can be replayed and looked at from different angles: each person experiences an event differently, and all those experiences are recorded. ‘his followers maintain that cayce was able to tap into some sort of higher consciousness, such as god or the akashic record, to get his ‘psychic knowledge. Sit down with kathy in person for your reading or, if geneva, ny is too far to travel, set up a skype or facetime appointment. In passing, i think the term “paranormal” is misleading because, if something happens, then it is normal, but “paranormal” is easily understandable: it includes telepathy, remote viewing, precognition, reincarnation and related phenomena that can be physically explained if the mind can extract information from the cosmic akashic records. Howe begins the book by sharing her personal experience, not only with the akashic records, but with the powerful spiritual awakenings she had along the way. The pathway prayer process that i present in this book is part of the "sacred prayer" tradition of accessing the records. A 60-minute reading where i’ll give you a soul perspective on those questions that have been tugging at your heart.  if so please go to the services page and book a reading. Diantha has trained for three years with linda howe, the lead teacher in the usa for akashic records reading. “the akashic records enable us to become all that we are meant to be. Akashic records readings don't need to be done face-to-face, so you can opt to have a telephone reading or even an online akashic records reading. Now more than ever people are being inspired to connect and reconnect with the akashic records. My intention in giving akashic records readings are to help people move towards joy via personal empowerment. The akashic records, or "the book of life," is a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. Wait time for the reading is approximately two weeks from the day you place the order. You’re worried you’re not psychic or even very intuitive, and so how could you learn to explore your akashic records, particularly from an online course. Cayce did his readings in a sleep state or trance. And communication within the astral planes and akashic records are. Madison is not only a gifted teacher of the records, but feels like a friend and guide i’ve known for lifetimes. There's no point accessing the records to be nosey or find out what your ex is up to, or what your neighbour is really like. ” i immediately flipped through the catalog and found linda howe’s book,. Linda howe's process for reading the akashic records is empowering, inspiring and evolutionary. I read my records as well as others’ for clarity, purpose and healing in relationships, career, health and spirituality. Akashic record reading — described on this page — the most common and the most popular and based on any question or issue you want to ask about. When you take the time to prepare your questions beforehand, your reading will be more effective. Supporting these studies, in 2001 i founded the linda howe center and created the pathway prayer process to access the heart of the akashic records©. You’re serious about exploring your records, already have a strong metaphysical background, and you are looking for a high quality akashic program that really works. The quality of the reading is in direct proportion to the integrity of the questions and the intention behind them. Anyone can learn to read the akashic records and connect directly with their energy and information. Start to focus on the ‘unaspected’ cards and how they manifest in the reading. The akashic records reading will cover:. I believe an experience my daughter lani and i had many years ago might, in fact, have been us accessing our akashic records simultaneously. I have been reading a book called "how to read the akashic records: accessing the archive of the soul and its journey" by linda howe. We all perceive and experience the akashic records differently,.

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An akashic reading will transform your life. ” the "primary substance" of the akashic records is the energy source that contains all of the knowledge, thoughts, actions, feelings and creativity that has ever existed or will ever exist. I work with the akashic records and my spiritual team to find the root cause of everything going "wrong" in your life. D ownload complete guide of read akashic records for advanced/beginner ebook and pdf best price. An akashic reading is an energy transmission. So, in the quickest summary possible, the akashic records are the archives of every individual soul and every thought, emotion, action, interaction and experience of every physical life of that soul. Symbolic information obtained in a psychic reading can give more meanings than words alone. I am happy to look at these two pieces of information in the akashic records as it relates to the person you are interested in learning more about. nfinite power and wisdom are available in the record, and they have been entrusted to those well"prepared for the responsibility of deep knowing. According to quantum physicist ervin laslo, the akashic records are an electromagnetic imprint of everything that’s ever happened in the universe. This relationship reading covers all forms of relationships from romantic partners, to attracting a life partner or a potential partner. The akashic records are a sacred space of truth and love intended to help you align with your soul’s purpose, release blocks and patterns of self-sabotage, and create a life of bliss that aligns with who you truly, undeniably are. The akashic records contain all of your experiences, thoughts, and actions from every lifetime since your soul began its journey. My reading schedule and wait list are currently full. I think the key is that our soul is like a magic marker that can record and write it’s desires and movement around the universe, but the closer we get to the soul the more ink we get to write with. Heart expanding, life affirming, healing exercises validate your connection to the akashic records. I am not offering readings at the moment, but the talented intuitive and akashic record reader shelly holbrook-ebeling is now offering readings via my site.           to top it off, and pull it all together, you also get a short, channeled, personal message directly from the akashic records. Linda howe and the akashic records. Records and the integrity of the intention of anyone accessing the information. You have your own individual records that detail everything about you – your chosen life path, relationships, challenges, and abilities that you have developed from your soul’s evolution. This is a twice monthly akashic practice group and book club for linda howe's first book "how to read the akashic records" (published 2009). From four to six past lives will be covered in the reading. Benefits of getting an akashic records reading done. During the course of a reading, a practitioner accesses the hall of records where all soul records are stored. Visual model that can help explain what akashic records or human body of memory (aka mental body) is. You don’t quite understand what the akashic records are, and yet these two words keep attracting your attention. Leadbeater, who claimed to be clairvoyant, conducted research into the akashic records. €   60,00    godspark - divine spark reading & activation. During the reading, know that i am present and available for guidance should you need it. Your personal akashic records and how they are stored. -a record of an individual cell in the human body. Because the supra-akashic does not interface with the lesser worlds. Rather, they intend to show a template mathematical model of reality, compatible with current scientific knowledge, which includes an akashic information and memory field. By buying this reading, you are acknowledging and taking full responsibility. You may also notice colors or a light show, similar to the aurora borealis (northern lights) while you’re in your records. In my view, at least, they also record all possible timelines.  i couldn't believe that what i read about was myself as a child sitting in the backyard in the afternoon sun watching little black ants. Comment: the letters are too small and since the paper is not white, it makes it more difficult to read. There are also many that are beginning to open and interpret the akashic records for others and you can book a reading with them. What are the akashic records and how can you learn to access them.   you’ll be pleased to find that the akashic records are within easy and immediate reach. Another exclusive to this akashic records institute course is business training.

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Opening your own records presents you with valuable insights that will enable you to comprehend the motives and actions of those close to you. Here are a few testimonials from her former clients, just to show the powerfulness of utilizing the wisdom of the akashic records. Akashic readings at the roseheart center. Luckily, there is a powerful new tool that gives you the akashic records and its precise symbols and messages (including all of those mentioned above and many more). The ancient vedic science of reading akashic records is about “seeing” the cosmic archives – the absolute and authoritative source of all that’s known and unknown in the universe.   the records have  also been referred to by different names including the cosmic mind, the universal mind, the collective unconscious, or the collective subconscious. In your akashic records, francesca thoman discovers past lives, soul lineages, and your planet or plane of origin. ☯ full synopsis : "the akashic records, or "the book of life," can be equated to the universe's super-computer system. In an akashic records reading there also needs to be a conversation going on between the reader and the client. To go into the akashic record, the process is similar to the way intuitives tune into someone’s spirit guides or higher self. The site the mystica also states other ways it is possible to access the akashic records:. The reading” for the mere purpose of removing all labels, since in the end, they are completely unnecessary. There’s something magical about the akashic records–when someone gets ready to learn to read the akashic records, there is usually a lot of power in the room. To read the akashic record, you need to have akashic records spirit guides assigned to you – my teacher did it for me through an attunement. Its cleansing properties also help the reading stay untainted by spiritual gunk. These are not static records, this is an interactive element that is involved in the creation of experience. Your akashic record or soul book is like a living data base which contains not only current information about the life you are leading, details about the lives you have lived in the past, and what you intend for the future, but every alternative timeline, path not taken and every. Consciously having access to higher, divine knowledge in the light of the akashic records has been the most profound gift of healing jenelle has experienced. After the 24 month period, you are still able to access and read the forums (and share with other students) but you won’t be able to post questions. So to assist you i’ve written out these 4 secrets to accessing your akashic records below, and have created a guided meditation to access your akashic records. The only exception to this is that parents can access their children's akashic records as they are guardians of their souls in this lifetime, so you can request a reading on their behalf. It's no wonder the akashic records have been likened to a "cosmic internet" that allows us to "google" specific information when we open a person's records. It is one of the most powerful things you can do in your akashic records. Being inside the records was fascinating, peaceful, compassionate and full of grace. Groups, organizations, businesses and animals also have an akashic record that contains sacred information about them. ” i dove in with an open enthusiasm, as i have personally been aware of the akashic records for many years. Readings from the akashic records. It is a record of every place and space you have ever been, and of all your future possibilities. The akashic records contain the recording of our soul’s journey from its very inception. Your driver’s license should suffice if you don’t have tax records). Welcome to healing radiance, the page for soul-level healing in the akashic records. Practice reading your classmates records. As a certified akashic consultant, i am here to help bring light to your issues and to be guided by your akashic helpers to clear away blocks from all lifetimes, especially those that continue to block you from accessing your joy, peace and hope for the future. Both the information and healing will flow on the energy (light) of the spoken word during your reading. This is the readings from the akashic records about birth. There are too many autobiographical anecdotes peppered throughout the text, but i plan to investigate the records through other resources, and am glad that this book came to me as a gift from a good friend. Akashic record readings are a profound healing tool and do not serve as entertainment. What are the benefits of accessing the akashic records. Akashic record business reading (1 person business). A potential client recently asked me about the different between an akashic records reading, versus a psychic reading. “the akashic records are the individual records of a soul from the instant it leaves its point of origin until the end of time. But i can not form a judgement before finishing to read. We are the akashic records;  as is the sphinx. If for any of these 6 experiences, or others, you find yourself draw to an akashic records reading, you can start with a general reading to get pressing questions answered, or learn more about yourself and your akashic energy at the soul level with a soul star reading.  the akashic records hold your individual past lives, life purpose, soul purpose, potential future and more. Once given the record, cayce had the. The network structure of the tree operates as a kind of akashic record, (a term sometimes used to describe an astral library, accessible through altered states of consciousness such as meditation, dreams, and channelling).

Through the akashic records, using the pathway prayer process©, i’ve glimpsed some sane and useful insights. An akashic records reading – also known as a soul reading – allows you to create a deeper relationship between yourself and the divine, and get a detailed look into what’s standing in the way of what you truly desire. The creation of the so-called “sacred space” is a vital part in our contact with the field of the akashic records. Give yourself the powerful and sacred gift of accessing your personal akashic records. Tara and i worked an event together and she offered to read my akashic records. All readings are done by telephone and are recorded. Connect to the akashic records the universal energies and know how to seek advice for you and others, for relationships, wealth, health and career. Learn how to facilitate deeper healing in the akashic records.   alternately, no one can access our personal akashic records without our express permission. How to prepare for your akashic records reading. An akashic record consultation with me will tell you about the unique divine nature and energetic qualities of your soul so you can create a human experience now filled with great abundance, harmony and satisfaction. An akashic records reader is a 2nd opinion to the advice of your own soul. In trance, cayce also said that he gathered information about the individuals for whom he was reading from 2 sources: their subconscious mind and the akashic records. If future events are indicated during a reading, it is one of many possibilities because there are many. Learn to differentiate the energy of your records and those of another person. The universe led me to get my reading with shelly, and i’m so glad i did. One aspect of akasha, the akashic records, can be thought of as being a complete energetic record of past events and future probabilities. Healing through the akashic records offers practical wisdom and consciousness-shifting tools for developing a richer connection with our innermost self, a greater sense of aliveness, and increased joy for living. Schedule an akashic records reading in my chicago far north office, or request an akashic reading by phone. They even open you to the akashic records(or alaya consciousness) the storehouse of all information. As our souls, evolve over time, our records adjust to reflect our growth and are in continual state of refinement as we align with our perfection and manifest that perfection in our earthly lives. An akashic records reading is. The akashic records contain the collective knowledge of all past and future civilizations in existence. Indeed, the practice readings will form the basis for our mentoring. Every life-form therefore contributes and has access to the akashic records. Well, that’s how i felt before i signed up to do a reading and i’m so glad i listened. And although freely reading is a distant dream for us, we can partially touch it through our intuition. Past life regression through the akashic record -- you will find out about the past lives which are influencing the life you are currently living. These sacred records will be beneficial to your life. Synchronicities then led me to receiving a soul profile reading and for the first time i felt i had finally been ‘seen’ for who i truly am. We can set a conscious intention to get into a deeper state and read the akashic records. In fact, the akashic records have such an impact upon our lives and the.  grounded with the success stories of dozens whose lives have been touched by the records, this comprehensive guidebook will help you confidently read the records for yourself or another and find inspiration for your own spiritual path. [4] the notion of an akashic. The information in the records is intended to bring your past, present and future into alignment. When i give a reading this information is given to me, from each individual’s masters, teachers and loved ones, to give to you. The famous seer edgar cayce reportedly referred to akashic records when he conducted healing readings for sick people. Feel confident that you can trust your guidance when you are connected to the akashic records and release information that comes to you in ways that are not accurate or true. A commonly asked question is how akashic readings may differ from channeling sessions and seances. Akashic recording crystal within the planetary akashic recorder cell, and the. Begins to feed select harmonics into the new earth star greater akashic field. "i have to say i loved my reading from serena.

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This was my first time experiencing anything like the akashic records and i can tell you how happy i am that marijo was the one i got to experience this with. A psychic, with the extra sensory perception to access the akashic records a.   but at the time of the reading i definitely didn't understand why. Akashic records readings, akasha what is it. I am also authorized to teach others to be able to read their own records. No matter what you believe, anyone can connect to their own soul and the best messages their someone’s soul and/or get a reading to help. In the sanskrit, “akash” means the substance everything is made of. Learn how to discern if you are truly accessing the records of divine truth. Intuitive readings are wonderful, but in my personal opinion, they only scratch the surface when compared to the depth of the akashic records. Online psychic scams – having a reading via email or facebook is becoming a convenient choice in the digital age. Readings are $125 for one hour and provided via phone call or skype for those outside the us and canada. So what posessed me to get a reading done. How to access your akashic records: the perfect prayer. He further believed that the records are inscribed on some kind of "etheric energy" similar in nature to the energy of thought. The akashic plane interpenetrates the other six planes through their “local”. While i was working on him, seemingly out of the blue, he asked if i could do past life readings. Imagine where your energy will be, when you add the teachers, angels and guides from the akashic records to your group of “5” 😉 ). The akashic records represent the memory of nature, printed in the matter itself. A 100-minute distance reading of your akashic records*. As a means of perhaps alluding to the fact that the akashic records were not simply a transcription of the past but included the present, the future and certain probabilities as well, in reading 304-5, cayce began the reading with a curious statement:. I firmly believe that if i could learn to access the records and even eventually become a professional akashic facilitator and teacher, then you too can learn to explore your records. By aligning with the energy of our soul's records we gain insight, guidance and wisdom to overcome issues and challenges which enables us to live our life fully and abundantly. This is why accessing the akashic records accurately is tricky unless you have proper training and a comprehensive way of processing the information into a format that the conscious mind can work with. “my reading with mercedes was filled with love and light. What does an akashic record reading with shelly entail. To strengthen the relationship with the records it's important to work with integrity in the records. Below is a geographic list of teachers recognized by the akashic network. Even though the term “akashic records” is a relatively new one- estimated to have been coined in the early 1900s – this concept or concepts similar to it have permeated ancient cultures and civilizations including tibet, egypt, india, persia, china. I’m offering this reading via email report only .   in the bible, these records are referred to as the book of life. Shelly’s reading really cuts through the noise and delivers the straight scoop in an easy-to-understand way. The akashic records refer to a database of every word, thought or action that is stored energetically and encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. Science and the akashic field: an integral theory of everything,” and then several related books. Also known as the book of life, the akashic records is the storehouse of all information -- every word, deed, feeling, thought, and intent -- for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. I do not do readings that focus on guidance or healing about love or romantic relationships. People who are no longer alive also can’t provide their permission, so no records of anyone deceased can ever be opened. An ideal time to tap into a living, vibrational dimension of wisdom and knowledge culled from throughout the multiverse — the akashic records. This reading and report can take between 1 – 2 weeks. The akashic records are a great resource to understanding your soul or life purpose and important spiritual lessons to be learned. The only problem is – how can we read the akashic records ourselves. We do not clear anything from your record that is in your highest good. Some indicate, that the akashic records are similar to a cosmic or collective consciousness as its role is to provide truth, information and support.

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Record your experience, and enjoy the process of learning and discovering. Please thoroughly read and understand these before writing and sending your questions. The sanskrit word akasha means ‘sky’, ‘space’, ‘luminous’ or ‘ether’; an etymology that encompasses the all-knowing aspect of the akashic records. Consider an akashic records reading with an akashic records guide. Center for akashic studies payment policy. So, in addition to giving psychic and mediumship consultations, i began working in and studying the records. A deeper understand and akashic records. In fact, it’s why i’m so passionate about teaching akashic records reading. How to read the akashic records. Reading time will be briefer. The akashic records are full of information about your previous lifetimes, current life lessons, your purpose, your future choice points, karma and much more. The information given in a reading assists you to express your own divine nature in everyday life. I can invite the soul of the relationship, the soul of future possibilities and more into these readings. Most clients feel that the information from the records was exactly right-on for what they needed at that very point, and they move back into their lives to put the information to use in whatever way seems appropriate to them. In this third course, you will experience the transformative process of accessing the akashic record for another person, business, or pet. An in-depth course about how to read the akashic recordsfor thousands of years, mystics, masters, and sages from various world traditions have read the akashic records a dynamic repository that holds information about every soul and its journey. Science and the akashic field, second edition, inner traditions 2007. 8  help me to know (myself/first name of individual being read). Johnny was given the knowledge through a ceremony and a sacred prayer in which to open the records. The records are a vast resource filled with the wisdom and energetic input that many find inspirational and supportive to their own soul's growth. Now you’ve experienced an akashic record reading, you can request one for yourself by clicking here. "o to read the akashic recordsby #inda "oe. What are the akashic records. What is significant for us today about cayce's work is that he popularized the akashic records. You can read the akashic records. On page vii of the introduction, leadbeater says the information in the book is a result of his inspection of the akashic record. Otherwise, negative drives like greed or hatred can make interpretation that much more difficult because these negative drives can mask the essential truths that the akashic records have to offer. Once you arrive at the akashic records library building, by whatever method, enter the building and expect to find inside exactly what you are looking for. Every soul that exists has a ‘record. Your akashic records reading includes all of the following:. This package is identical to the life transition package above, except it includes an extra twenty minutes in each reading when i will provide coaching based on what we learn from your divine team.   our choices (our thoughts, actions, words or intentions) create an energetic vibration in time and space and the akashic records are where those energetic choices are recorded. After successfully completing this seminar, you will receive a certificate for “akashic records consultant”. It's always been one of my main goals to visit the akashic records. More than information: the records as a path to spiritual growth using howe’s 19 guided practices and meditations, you will become adept at navigating the records. I contact my guides and they give me your record. The length of a reading, as well as the nature of the information, directly depend on your energy and what you are prepared to know. Note: an akashic records reading is recommended before a plr session, particularly if you are new to this process. The akashic records are understood to have existed since the beginning of the creation and even before. Michelle offers spirit guidance readings that cover a vast range of topics in all areas, to assist you on your life journey via spirit. You can request information of your choice in the second and or subsequent readings. The records are set up to only reveal themselves to the person with the same subtle energetic blueprint or resonance as the recorded files. An akashic records reading consists of opening the record of your soul and allowing that information to come forward. A link to the recording will be emailed to you to download as an mp-3. Linda howe’s book “how to read the akashic records” is an excellent and easy to understand explanation of the records. I will give you ample opportunity to add input and ask questions during the reading, so please make sure you ask whatever you need to know while the reading is happening.